Happy Mother's Day to the woman who...

:: played classical music during my childhood nap times
:: fed me bowls full of whipped cream when I was a skeletal child
:: loves my husband like her own son, and remembers to tell him so

 :: makes the best darn beef roast this side of the Mississippi (and lasagna, and split pea soup, and beef stew, and . . .)
:: watched Laguna Beach with me in high school, instead of making me turn off MTV
:: is the only person I know who laughs harder than me at flatulence jokes.

:: still does my laundry when I come home
:: remembers to say that she has two granddaughters, one on earth and one in heaven
:: is the best example of a good, kind, happy wife and mother

Mom, you're wonderful.
I love you!
Happy Mother's Day.

(A day late. Because you also taught me that things like this don't always get out on time...)


  1. She is the best! I love this!

  2. That was sweet; your Mom sounds great! The first pic is fun too :).