the time we went to Cedarburg and did not fight once

A long long long time ago, when Ryan and I were still wee college kids,
we took a day trip to Cedarburg, WI.
It was a Tuesday or something, I think.
And it was cold.
And we were trying so hard to have fun.
But it was cold, and we were both broke, and I'm pretty sure all the cute little shops were closed.
And we ended up fighting somewhere along the way, and drove back to campus in silence.

We laugh about it now, but.
It was a stupid day.

Well. Cedarburg got a second chance this past Saturday,
And I'm glad! Because guys! Cedarburg can be fun! I'll tell you why::

First we went to Amy's Candy Kitchen. Do you see that vent above the door in the photo below? It's a magical vent that blows steamy, sweet fumes into the atmosphere.
The doorway air is thick and warm and smells like buttery caramel. 
Ryan said it was a smell that could have made him sick if he sniffed too long.
But I could live in that doorway. I could.
The inside smells good too.
And then, when we left with our bag of peanut butter balls and chocolate meltaways, I took a bump picture. Because I was a happy woman.
Then we went to a meat market, where the lady clerk tried to get me to eat head cheese. (NO THANKS.) We bought two beef sticks, and Ryan was much more comfortable with the smell.
Do you see this face? This was after the beef sticks.

Other items of note:
-- We went to the cutest toy store that sold pretty blocks, old fashioned Golden Books, and nose flutes. A nose flute is like a kazoo, but you play it with your nose. A woman bought one while we were there, and the clerk said, "Just the nose flute today?" 
-- Ryan found the most perfect golf club at a thrift store for only a few bucks. But it was a lefty. It almost ruined the day. It still haunts him.
-- We went to a restaurant and ordered soup, and did not get saltines. But the guy that came in after us also ordered soup and he did get saltines? Minus one for you, Cedarburg.


  1. Oh, I LOVE Cedarburg! My husband lived in the cutest little apartment there when I met him. I would have loved to live there, but we moved across the country.

  2. I love Cedarburg. I enjoy the cookie place. Glad you had a fun day.

  3. I also love Cedarburg! We lived there was Dan was a senior at the SEM. I miss it!

  4. You are adorable!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I just LOVE your sweet baby bump. Kiss, kiss!

  5. Hi. I'm new here. I just wanted to say your blog is so cute, and that's so exciting about your tiny baby bump. That's all :)


  6. So weird! This is the first time I've looked at your blog and we used to live in Cedarburg too! We lived in a hundred year old little house. We loved to walk to the Strawberry Fest or Fourth of July parade downtown. One of our favorite places we've lived!