52: A portrait a week | Week 3


As of yesterday, Ralphie is officially 3 months old.

His once-wrinkly-fingers have plumped. His legs are roly-poly. All that precious downy newborn fuzz that clung to his teeny shoulders has mostly disappeared. He smiles and coos and is starting to get really fun.

He's drooly and sucking on his fat fists, and a tiny white bump has formed on his bottom gums. A tooth! It's coming!

My newborn has turned into an infant, and my new-mom heart is crying like a baby over it.

The good news is that those funny little hairs on his ears that were there the morning he was born are still hanging on for dear life. Those hairs are still on my side. Thanks guys.



  1. Oh my goodness!! I. LOVE. HIM!!! The End

  2. kid is going to be a heartbreaker.

  3. i know the feeling--when did my newborn turn into a baby girl who stays awake much longer and likes to be on her playmat all the time?

  4. he is just the cutest! those eyes!