sick days

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I'd like a do-over for this past weekend, dudes.

A fever and chills knocked me out on Saturday, and then, to my despair, Ryan got the stomach flu on Sunday.

The stomach flu.

When I was a child, there was nothing that could ruin a day faster than someone, anyone, throwing up. It paralyzed me with fear. And as I got older, I assumed that that fear would go away.


Poor Ryan was suck in bed all day Sunday and Monday. It was a gloomy and quiet couple of days. Eventually he felt well enough to eat some bland food-- noodles and toast and bananas. I finally let him hold Ralphie last night and we were all a happier bunch after that. Having a sick husband is such a bummer. I was lonely!

But Ryan got up bright and early this morning, shaved his face, and went off to work looking fresh as a daisy.   It's warm and rainy here today, and outside smells like spring! When Ralph and I walked past the little school in our neighborhood this morning, the kids that were out for recess had shed their winter coats and tossed them into giant piles by the school doors. And while Ralphie napped, I grabbed the seed catalogs that have been coming in the mail and started to plan a little garden.

Things are looking up.


  1. How wonderful that everything is starting to look better! It always seems hard, when your husband gets sick and then not only is he not helping, but he's someone else that needs taking care of. And I love seed catalogs! They always make me long for spring way before spring is on its way. What kind of garden are you planning?

  2. Thanks Mary! We're going to plant a veggie garden-- tomatoes and beans and cucumbers, hopefully some herbs! But I keep going back to the pictures of flower seeds and getting so excited. Gardening didn't interest me all that much until we bought the house, and now I'm all, "I WANT ALL THE FLOWERS."