sketchbook friday {No. 2}


I don't love it. In fact, every time I look at it, I hear the "pppffffftthhhhh" sound of a deflating balloon. It's not even what I wanted to paint this week, but Ralphie is teething and is super mad about it AND I have an achey, chilly cold and we all know what happened on Monday and are you feeling sorry for me yet? I just didn't have enough time to work on anything this week, so a sloppy hand-lettered quote is what I'm giving you. Bet you've never seen that on the internet before! I debated even putting it up, because why would I post something that I don't feel proud of? But I said I'd do it, and it's only the second week of Sketchbook Friday, and I didn't want to fail in the second week.

So here ya go. Pppfffftthh.

I'll try harder next week. Promise. But for now, Ralph is napping and I'm going to join him.
PS: We all get 10 points if someone can tell me what movie this quote is from. One of my faves!


  1. Singin' In The Rain! Next time you should do MOOOO-SES!

  2. Seriously, I think it looks amazing. I really do. {I'm sorry if that's irritating to hear; I know that sometimes I dislike hearing others praise work of mine that I find lacking.}

    I couldn't remember the quote until I read kristen's comment, but I could hear it playing in my head over and over. Singin' In The Rain! Of course! Classic.

  3. I know this is an old post (but I just discovered your blog and am working my way through it - lovely!) but I love this. I love that quote, I love your hand lettering, I love that it is white on a dark background and I love how you did the stars. So, yeah, I love it all! (can I say 'love' one more time?...ha ha)