happy pictures

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1. Homemade Christmas decorations that didn't make the cut, but are workin' for January.
2. A happy baby that would rather suck on his fists than take a nap.
3. Our bedroom window. | On Saturday mornings we like to pull back the curtains and stare out at the trees, while arguing back and forth about who has to get out of bed and go downstairs to start the coffee.
4. Victory.
5. Lunch for two. | One of the tastier healthy meals we've eaten this week. (Better than the dry chicken I made on Tuesday night.) We're trying pretty hard to stop using the new parent excuse to eat pizza and ice cream every night. It hasn't been too difficult, but last night we were both in bed, listing off the things we wished we could eat at that very moment. "Culver's chicken tenders. Steak. Chocolate cake..."
6. Post diaper change play time in the nursery. | Doesn't that pom pom in Ryan's reflection look like a little yellow beard?
7. A freshly bathed and honey-scented baby. | Bath time is everybody's favorite part of the day in this house.


  1. I love every picture! (Especially the one with Ryan's yellow beard).

  2. I love the proud and loving look of Ryan's face as he looks at his son...love you, Ryan!

  3. ha! it does. Can I ask what lens you use for your pictures?

  4. oh, gosh. your little baby has the sweetest face! too cute :)

  5. I just tried to double click on a photo to "like" it. Oy, Instagram.