another year over, a new one just begun

Happy 2012!!

It shall be declared The Year of the iPhone
because Ryan and his parents gave one to me for Christmas
and I am about to Instagram your FACE off.

We spent New Year's Eve in Fond du Lac with my family, and it was wonderful.
There were lots of good meals.
And lots of snacking in between good meals.
And I don't think I'll eat another bite of chex mix until 2013.
(that's probably not true at all.)
We were all getting a little sleepy around 10pm that night, so to wake ourselves up, my sisters and I ran around the house outside while blowing noisemakers, and I laughed harder than I did all year I think.
We spent the first couple hours of 2012 listening to my parents tell funny stories, 
and then I kissed Ryan and fell asleep.

The next day we played with these cuties:

I made some resolutions, too.
Some will be easy, some will be really really hard, and some are wishful thinking.
I wrote them down, and I'm anxious to see how much I check off.

And then I made list after list of 2012-y things:

Did I take that picture of my lists because I thought anyone needed to see it?
I did it because I CAN.

I'm so glad about this new year.


  1. I want an iphone and i want one NOW. And crazy enough, I saw that one line a day journal in Pottery Barn and thought of you! Fancy that?

  2. Also, running around the house was hilarious. I love you.