what we've been up to...

our fridge broke, so for two days we ate things that were either room temperature and slooowwly melting...

or from the grocery store bakery.

we went on a snowy saturday trip to ikea...

and to chicago for about 40 minutes...

to see ryan's little glass canopy that he designed at work
(good job, ryan! applause!)

and after driving past the bean 4-5 times during a fruitless search for a parking spot,
we gave up and drove home.
still fun.

i've been making things and fillin' up frames...

we went on a date to aj bombers...

then we went to target, where a nice girl complimented me on my headband
(i'm pointing at YOU, miss becker)
and ryan bought a flavor injector, to be used on a chicken this weekend.

and now you know.


  1. looks like a fun time - nice job Ryan :)

  2. great photos!


  3. I am seriously hungry after reading this post!

  4. we use our meat injector all the time. tell your husband to make a marinade concoction of butter, lemon, fresh herbs, garlic, salt and pepper. we have learned to be creative with that little device and it has worked wonders. i am so glad i found your blog. i don't live too far from you in the big city of peoria. big city...is what the locals call it.

  5. Thank you, ladies!

    @Alycia That happens to me all the time! Sorry! :)

    @Janine Fantastic! That recipe sounds great-- exited to try it. Hello from up north a ways...