I'm still getting used to cooking for a husband who must have carbs at every meal. Growing up, my dad didn't appreciate any meal without meat, so I suppose I assumed every man was like that. And then I married Ryan. Don't get me wrong, the guy loves a good steak, but I've found that the way to his heart is through a starchy, bready-filled stomach. Bagels, potatoes, entire rolls of Ritz crackers--he must have it. Once, he made up a song entirely about biscuits. So it was no surprise to me when he asked for a pasta maker for Christmas. We tried it out for the first time on Saturday night, and the results were quite satisfactory. That thing is fun.


{sidenote:: my take on the granny-chic look that's happening right now is mostly just granny.}

And when we finished our meal, Ryan even helped me clean up. That's amore'.


  1. You guys look so great in your new glasses. And that pasta looks delish! I don't think I've ever even had homemade pasta. You've got mad kitchen skills, Amelia.

  2. I like you!
    Can granny (you) and grampy (Ryan) come to my apt. for dinner sometime???
    -Ana :)

  3. that looks aaaamazing. fresh basil...yes please. my husband is a must-eat-carbs-with-every-meal guy to. i blame it on the years of sports he played in high school.

  4. looks so so yummy! and you look cute in those glasses. :)


  5. Wow Looks amazing! I always have wanted to make my own pasta. You have inspired me to try it!

  6. You're cute. And Ryan cracks me up in those pictures. We love you guys!

  7. I love those photos--and that pasta looks good!

    i always thought pasta was really hard to make but maybe it is just me being overly nervous and not that culinary talented, especially as I tried to make gnocchi and it turned out so wrong!

  8. Thanks guys! Turns out pasta isn't that difficult, it just takes a lot of patience and some elbow grease. Both of which I let Ryan take care of. :)

    And Ana--yeah man! Let's do it!