ooooone more christmas post

Way back in the beginning of December, a little sign appeared on the corner of an empty parking lot a few blocks down from our apartment. It said that fresh trees would be sold there until Christmas. I WAS SO EXCITED. A few days later, some lights were hung and trees showed up lookin' all magical and I WAS SO EXCITED AGAIN. It was such a cute little lot of trees, and it made me smile every time I passed it.

On Christmas Eve we walked down to the lot to smellllll those trees. It was as dreamy as I had hoped. But then the two tree-salesmen-guys came out of their trailer and tried to get us to buy one. I looked at Ryan with hopeful eyes, but he said no back to me with his, so we scooted out of there real quick.

Then, for tradition's sake, we walked through Cathedral Square to see the lights and give Rudolph a Christmas smooch.

When we got home we listened to my mom's old choir records and we each opened a gift.

And then we watched It's A Wonderful Life until it was time to go back to church. At 10:30pm. Which was both wonderful (the music) and uncomfortable (the heels.)

the end.

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