sarahmade headbands, coming soon to an etsy store near you.

On Wednesday I saw my college roommate Sarah, also known as Becker Bear.
We met in Oshkosh, the middle point between where we both live now.
We shopped and ate and talked about blogs.
It was so good for me.

Sarah's cool. She gets me. Here's why:
She likes Mary Tyler Moore and enjoyed my Gene Kelly Pandora station as much as I did.
But she'll also indulge in a Cher dance party, because sometimes that's just what you have to do.
She understands that the best part of shopping is the part when you get home and spread out all of your new goodies on the floor and admire them.
She wants to move to England and is going to let me visit her when that happens.
She made me TWO flapper-gypsy-turban headbands. TWO.

Thanks for the fun day, and for the headbands, little Sarah.
Let's meet in the middle again soon.

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