a happy surprise

Let me start by saying this: I'd like to think that if I ever met Natalie and her family someday, I'd be able to say, "Holbs, this is Ryan. He, too, grows a red beard! You'll get along fine." And while those two talked, I would give Nat a big hug, followed by an enthusiastic (but gentle) pinch on little Huck's fat cheek. See, I've been reading Nat the Fat Rat for so long now that I think we're bosom friends, despite never meeting her, ever. This girl writes beautifully. She makes things magical. Most importantly, she understands that Meg Ryan movies are probably the best of them all.

Yesterday I discovered that not only has Nat been reading my blog, but she actually liked it enough to declare it (at Alt Summit of all places) an Up and Coming blog of 2012!


(Read about it here!)

I am so surprised and flattered and excited! But, also, a little nervous?

Now, I consider myself to be a blog reading professional. I've been reading the best of the blogs for quite some time. But to be perfectly honest, other than uploading photos and writing little bits, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to keeping my own blog. I mean, I spent 3 hours yesterday morning researching how to put two pictures side by side on blogger, and I still haven't figured it out. And I don't know if you've noticed, but I made my header in Paint, so...

The good news is that I like blogging, and I'm excited by it. And learning a thing or two about html stuff doesn't scare me that much.

So. Now I'd like to say a few things:

1. Thank you, Natalie. If I ever do see you in person, I will hug you. You have been so kind to me.

2. Hello new readers! How are you? I'm fine. Thanks for stopping by! I hope I don't bore you.

3. HI MOM! Are you seeing this?


  1. I started following her from your blog.

    Congrates Amelia !!!!

  2. New follower who found you from Natalie's blog -- how exciting, congratulations!

  3. Just found you via Natalie! Love your photos... I'm off to read more of your blog...

  4. Thanks for reading, you guys! I'm so excited. :)

    1. How do you post two photos side by side in blogger!? I can't figured it out either! Please blog it when you know :) xo Congratulations

  5. first post read & i'm already in love with your cute little blog.

  6. Hi my Mia~I love you! Mom...meow

  7. Hi, Amelia! I was one of the people at Natalie's panel, and heard her tell about your blog's beginnings. It made me cry. I hope you don't mind me telling you, I started blogging after my little girl died, because I just. didn't. know. what. to. do. with. myself. And blogging seemed cheaper than therapy. I decided there must be something left to enjoy in my life, and if there was, I was going to blog about it. Two years later, it's taken me places I'd never thought I'd be, and my life really is enjoyable. I wish you the best on your own journey!

    I'm off to check out the rest of your blog, now!

  8. You made me laugh out loud! Cool blog by the way. I'll be back!

  9. Have just spent half an hour reading your blog--no wonder natalie put you on up and coming blogs, it is amazing! I love it!

  10. Just found your blog through Natalie's recommendations, and I'm so glad I read down to this. I am just starting to blog, because I, too, feel like a blog-reading professional (lord, if I could get paid for all the blog reading i do...), and I want to be a part of the conversation!

    all that to say, when i read that you call yourself a blog reading professional, it made my heart smile. i'm so grateful that natalie shared your blog with the world, and i can't wait to keep reading! :)