The following is a list of things that made me glad this week. Related: Cabin Fever.

1. Frost art on my window.
(I'm pretty sure I took this picture last week, actually.
But do you see that? Isn't it so pretty?
Great job, Jack. What a beaut.)

2. A little Happy Talk makes cleaning more exciting.

3. Seeing my little blog (and my dishtowel! and a muffin that I baked!) in a Kirtsy slideshow. Never thought that would happen, that's for sure. So fun.

4. Our growing lemon tree, Ryan's pride and joy.
Reach for the stars, lemon tree!
(it smells like fruit loops, which is prettttty fancy)

5. My personal favorite, foot rubs. Ohhhh I love those foot rubs.
Unfortunately, this one makes Ryan very, very sad.

6. Deciding to get away this weekend! The cabin fever virus has spread into Apartment 66, and we need to get out. We're not totally sure where we're going yet, but we're leaving in the morning. Check ya later!

PS: I would like to write a little 'thanks for reading' note to all of you sweet people! I have gotten so many sincere comments and messages (some even made me cry.) This past week has been so much fun. Though I must admit, I've been suffering from a mild case of stage fright. Suddenly, people are reading this thing? Whaat? I'm hoping this weekend will give me some time to recover from the shock, and I'll be ready to rock your socks off come Monday. Happy weekend!


  1. I love you guys...is he still mad that he has to rub your sweet-sticky feet? Oh...I remember those days...have a great get-away!

  2. have fun = can't wait to hear where you went.

  3. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. You do such a wonderful job and I couldn't be more proud of you. I love you SOOO much my sweet little sister!!

  4. A lemon tree! I could do with the smell of fruit loops in my flat--such a shame I kill any plant that comes into our home, it is a talent!

    Loving the blog--keep up the good work!